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Soft Carpet Mohawk Embrace

Carpet and Air Quality

How Carpet Contributes Inside and Outside
Clearing the air
Asthma and allergies: Although we might not normally associate carpet with improved indoor air quality, it does have a very positive effect. Gravity causes common household particles, such as dust, pollen and pet and insect dander, to fall to the floor. Carpet fibers trap the particles, reducing their continued circulation in the air. Proper cleaning with CRI-approved vacuums effectively removes dust and allergens from the carpet, locks them in the machine and helps keep them out of the air we breathe.

A misperception is that people with asthma and allergies should avoid carpet in the home. But much of today’s carpet is made from harmless materials found in clothing and other everyday fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, triexta, and olefin fibers, which don’t trouble most people.
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Mold and VOC misperceptions: Other misperceptions about carpet involve mold and the emission of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. In fact, it is very hard to grow mold on carpet. Mold grows in any moist environment where dirt and dust provide nutrients. When carpet is kept clean and dry, mold simply cannot grow on synthetic fibers.

Carpet is also wrongly linked to high VOC levels. Scientific studies show that new carpet is one of the lowest emitters of VOCs into the indoor environment, and that these emissions dissipate very quickly. The low-level VOC emissions and the harmless odor from new carpet disappear within the first 48 to 72 hours after installation and even sooner with open windows or doors.

The Carpet and Rug Institute offers Green Label testing and certification to indicate carpet, carpet backings, cushions and adhesives that emit low VOCs.

Reducing the environmental footprint

Rhino no match for Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

For two weeks in late summer 2009 a 2800 lb. black rhinoceros at the Birmingham Zoo named Ricko lived in an enclosure featuring Mohawk SmartStrand with Dupont Sornoa Carpet as part of the SmartStrand Rhino Challenge. The promotional event showcased the stain-fighting benefits and durability of the carpet made using Triexta fiber.

At the end of the two weeks the carpet was removed and cleaned using only hot-water extraction and Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover. According to Mohawk, the resulting carpet was spotless. ” I never had a doubt,” said David Duncan, Mohawk’s VP marketing. ” SmartStrand’s stain resistance and durability is no match for any stain-maker, whether it’s a rhinoceros or your own pets.”

During the promotion, four webcams broadcast images of Ricko living on the carpet. A highlight video culled from thousands of hours of footage, plus time-lapse video is available on and