The vinyl flooring category has been transformed by cutting-edge graphics, increased durability and new installation formats. The most exciting thing about vinyl today is the computer generated graphics. The products today look really natural. You can’t compare them to how they used to be. It’s like an entirely new category. ” Traditional felt-backed products are falling by the wayside and we see that as a good thing” said, Gary Mele of Fashion Carpets Clifton, NJ. If you listen to what the trainers say, fiberglass products like Mannington’s Sobella go down quick and easy. Aside from weighing more, our installers love it. “Wrinkles aren’t an issue. I take samples and wrinkle them up into balls right in front of my customers as a demonstration. They snap right back to shape. Lxury vinyl tile Lut too is  being introduced in floating, mechanically locking format by a number of suppliers. EarthWerks, Mannington and Tarkett have launched floating, mechanically locking luxury vinyl tiles. FreeFit, an alternative commercial LVT supplier, installs without glue or locking systems. Dealers said that while these programs are still the minority of what is being offered in LVT, the category is sure to follow in sheet vinyl’s footsteps and eventually become predominantly glueless. Why use glue if you don’t have to. The future is to make installations easier-to use less material.

For more information call Fashion Carpets 1-800-489-rugs

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